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This consistent size rock is washed and very clean. It is not suited for applications where a graded aggregate with multiple sizes is desired. This gradation can be an add on to coarsen up washed concrete sand when desired. This product is also used as a backfill or bedding for underground uses. It is quite popular in the block industry.

Birdseye (#5 Rock)

Crushed Red Brick

This non spec material is an economical choice that can be used in a broad range of fill applications. A sand equivalent in the mid 20   s provides a suitable product for general fill uses.

Miscellaneous Fill

A balance of native material and clay (also known as decomposed granite) that is designed for a wide range of applications including: baseball/softball infields, running tracks, bike paths, walking and riding paths. dog runs, horse stalls, driveway and paver base. The materials "reddish-tan" color makes for excellent landscape ground cover applications.

Track and Field Mixes (DG)

Pacific Select 30

Washed Concrete Sand

This sand has been graded by customer requests to be a quality plaster sand for hand or gun use. Smaller in top size gradation than concrete sand this product is well graded and has a lower SE to suit the plaster application. Some masonry contractors also prefer this gradation for their masonry work.

Washed Plaster Sand

Washed Utility Sand

Other Products

Amended Topsoil

Infield Mix