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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Air Quality

Pacific Aggregates has placed its primary production facilities within the physical jurisdiction of the South Coast Air Quality Management, which is known as one of the most stringent air quality governing agencies in the world. Each piece of equipment which has even the potential to emit dust or organic emissions, has gone through intensive and thorough auditing and permitting by the South Coast Air Quality Management District and is maintained to the strictest degree possible in order to meet and exceed monthly and annual audits.


Pacific Aggregates as a company has always put recycling as a priority in its production philosophy. Everything and anything that can be recycled is segregated and handled in the "greenest," way possible. Some examples of Pacific Aggregates' on-going recycling programs include cardboard recycling and scrap metal segregation and recycling.

Waste Management

Pacific Aggregates not only believes in handling all waste, from hazardous to landfillable, by meeting all training and best management practices daily but also as a company philosophy attacking waste at the source through waste minimization programs which include and demand management and production line associates participation. All waste hauling companies contracted by Pacific Aggregates are thoroughly audited, with all outside contracted company personnel trained on site for site-specific tasks and in Pacific Aggregates Emergency Response Procedures.

Dust Suppression

Pacific Aggregates believes in not only meeting governing agencies requirements but also in being a good neighbor to adjacent residential areas as well as businesses. In order to meet this requirement, Pacific Aggregate has strict dust suppression procedures which include on-site constant water suppression and best management procedures which include production scheduling with the least amount of impact to surrounding areas.

SWPP Information

Pacific Aggregates mining operation, monitors and regulates 24 hours a day, all effluent storm water which has the possibility of flowing off-site. Best management practices include raw materials held in bermed, segregated areas, management and employee spill response and material handling training, and laboratory testing of effluent water drainage during certified stormwater rain events.

Lake Street Beautification

Pacific Aggregates believes that mining operations do not necessarily have to be ugly ones. As part of our on-going environmental program, Pacific Aggregates has begun the "Lake Street Beautification project," in which native Californian drought-resistant plants have been planted along the perimeter of the property line to not only beautify the property but also to control possible erosion.